You Need to get Deep Conditioner done!!!

"Linkage Meu" is a 3-step salon treatment which includes aroma therapy and a weekly homecare component that improves the quality of hair without a greasy feel. Linkage Meu is designed to be provided as an additional service to our normal offerings of cut, color, blow dry and other chemical services. Please ask your stylist more about it!!!

We will be closed on July 4th

Thank you for understanding and we hope to see you soon. Have a great one!

Summer ONLY!!

Milbon has added these hair care items for this summer! FreshLuxe shampoo and coditioner solve the particularly summer concerns of "hair stickiness" and "scalp discomfort and ordor" for our clients who want to make their summer hair designs, which never go how you want them to, more beautiful. Feels wonderful, smells great, the best prodcuts for the summer that's coming!!!

Lusse (Sunscreen for your Hair)!

Lusse is a hair finishing cream that adds shine, tames frizz and provides polish without weighing down hair. Designed for any type of hair that's dry or color treated. Plus skin care ingredients such as shea butter and sunflower oil are used in Lusse, which guarantees the quality and safety of the product.